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Lindisfarne Celtic Knots

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<p>I drew the Lindisfarne cross in black and white, then developed a series of patterns from the drawing. Most of the series uses ivory background and warm grey lines. </p> <p>This fabric is surface-printed and available at different weights and widths. It can be combined with woven fabrics for richer depth, or embroidered upon. </p><p> Ideas: <ul> <li>Bring a Celtic knot backpack to the Saint Patrick's Day parade <li>Add a vendor booth backdrop or tablecloth at the Irish festivals, Renaissance fair, or Welsh Eisteddfod</li> <li>Wrap Celtic candles, Claddagh rings, meat pies and shortbread gifts in fabric </li> <li>Sew stuffed animals, phone cases, and children's clothes to sell at festivals </li> <li>Decorate your Irish wedding with voile hangings over dowels </li> <li>Design outifts for fiddler groups, bard bands, Renaissance masquerades, bagpipe parades, and theater costumes.</li> <li>Add atmosphere to your Scottish bakery or Irish pub with Celtic curtains and tablecloths </li> <li>Make fake chain mail for your band, tattoo parlor, or knife shop</li> <li>Dab competitors' sweat at Highland games</li> <li>Offer napkins at haggis eating contests</li> </ul> </p>

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Lindisfarne Cherries
Lindisfarne Window Frames
Lindisfarne black cherry weave
Lindisfarne Green Sweaters
Lindisfarne gray tri-pies
Lindisfarne Princess
Lindisfarne Gray Triangles
Lindisfarne Midnight in Navy
Lindisfarne silver kinetic connects
Lindisfarne Slav
Lindisfarne Wedding
Lindisfarne Celt Grey
Lindisfarne Emerald Weave
Lindisfarne wine weaving
Lindisfarne Cross - Orthodox
Lindisfarne Dining Room Crosses
Lindisfarne Unbreakable Bonds
Lindisfarne Dark Lichen Green Sweater
Lindisfarne Emerald Isle
Lindisfarne- Clue Hallways
Lindisfarne Buckle of Green
Lindisfarne Lace
Lindisfarne Chain Mail In Grey
Lindisfarne - Girded
Lindisfarne Knight's Hall
Large Lindisfarne Cherry
Lindisfarne Remains
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