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Vintage Butterfly lithographs from old 19th century prints
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Large Butterfly Collage Large Butterfly Collage Butterfly Plebeius idas (male) Caterpillar - Acherontia atropos Butterfly Iphiclides podalirius Moth Smerinthus ocellata - Butterfly Butterfly Celastrina argiolus Butterfly Nymphalis antiopa Butterfly Parnassius apollo Butterfly Papilio machaon Butterfly Lasiocampa quercifolia Moth Calocampa vetusta Butterfly Mania maura Butterfly Catocala fraxini Butterfly Danaus chrysippus Butterfly Parnassius apollo Butterfly Apatura iris Butterfly Aglia Tau Moth / Butterfly Acherontia atropos Butterfly / Moth Bombyx_quercus_male Butterfly Catocala elocata Butterfly Danaus chrysippus Butterfly Bombyx quercus Butterfly Aglia tau Butterfly Catocala fraxini Butterfly Limenitis populi (male) Moth Deilephila Nerii Caterpillar Arctia caja Moth Saturnia pavonia (female) Butterfly Butterfly Caterpillar Lasiocampa quercifolia
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