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Vintage Butterfly lithographs from old 19th century prints
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Large Butterfly Collage Butterfly Parnassius apollo Butterfly Plebeius idas (male) Moth / Butterfly Acherontia atropos Butterfly Danaus chrysippus Caterpillar Arctia caja Butterfly Mania maura Moth Smerinthus ocellata - Butterfly Butterfly Danaus chrysippus Butterfly Nymphalis antiopa Butterfly Limenitis populi (male) Butterfly Catocala fraxini Butterfly / Moth Bombyx_quercus_male Butterfly Iphiclides podalirius Butterfly Aglia tau Butterfly Apatura iris Butterfly Celastrina argiolus Moth Calocampa vetusta Butterfly Bombyx quercus Butterfly Lasiocampa quercifolia Butterfly Parnassius apollo Butterfly Caterpillar Lasiocampa quercifolia Caterpillar - Acherontia atropos Butterfly Papilio machaon Moth Deilephila Nerii Butterfly Catocala fraxini Butterfly Catocala elocata Butterfly Aglia Tau Butterfly Iphiclides podalirius Moth Saturnia pavonia (female) Butterfly
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