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Insects: ants, beetles, butterflies, caterpillars, grasshoppers etc.
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ants: did someone say picnic? ant 1x 3 hex (khaki) beetle 4gX 4 firefly 4g bug parts caterpillar polkadot 4 X caterpillar dots 4 X apple maggots 7-spot ladybird polkadot firefly bug bottom stripe 2-spot ladybird orgy butterfly vine ant 1x 3 hex (azure) butterfly 4g 3 bug parts firefly 3m beetle 4gX 2 2-spot ladybird polkadot 7-spot ladybird orgy butterfly flower 2 firefly bugs' bottoms butterfly flower 1 everything but the butterfly* 3 beetle 4gX 3 army ants - desert firefly bug bottoms harlequin army ants + navy + marine ants: did someone say picnic? firefly bug bottom check
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