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Cephalopods (octopods and decapods): octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus and cthulhu. ;-)
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slant-eyed diamond octopod slant-eyed square octopod x 2 the cephalopod with the coffee-bean eyes octopod swirl - fire hot octopod diamond 5-colour the cephalopod with the coffee-bean eyes octopod X - icy decapod 3-colour (ve) decapod 4-colour (vc) octopod 2-colour squares decapod 4-colour (vc) round-eyed nonapod 4 pumpkin head octopod octopod diamond 2-colour coffee-bean nonapod decapod 3-colour (vc) octopod diamond 4 alternating decapod 2-colour (vc) decapod 3-colour (co) slant-eyed nonapod 2 octopod diamond 3-colour octopod X - s-lime-y decapod 3-colour (ve) decapod 2-colour (ve) decapod 4-colour (vc) octopod swirl - ice cold decapod 3-colour (co) octopod diamond 2-colour decapod 3-colour (vc) decapod 4-colour (ve)
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