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Mammals (including placentals, marsupials and monotremes) of the land, sea or air.
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eledonk 1c in 3x2
rhino head 3
elephant head 3
Muybridge colourised outtakes
pig head 2
pricklies by day
cubist catangrams
donkey head 3
beagle 1g 3
hedgehog p2 x2
trendy llama
groundhog tessellation
hominidae family
counting sheep or stars
beagle 1g
cat head 2
Muybridge outtakes
pricklies by night
platypus 1g
lion + lamb portraits
cow/calf head 3
beagle 1g 4
platypus 4
prickly in pink
imperious llama
big cat little cat
hedgehog p2 x1
eledonk 1a in 3
why mittens and why me
hedgehog p2 x3
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