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A collection inspired by an imaginary trip to the coastline of Wales circa early 1960's. Pack your woolens, Observer's guide to Sea & Seashore and a hot thermos of tea. It's going to be lovely!
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welsh-blanket-coral welsh-blanket-rockpool basket-weave_3 welsh-scales_1 welsh-blanket-rock-crab welsh-coast-flora_herring-gull welsh-stripe_flowers2 welsh-blanket-urchin basket-weave_1 welsh-scales_3 welsh-coast-flora_rockpool welsh-blanket-deep-sea welsh-scales_2 welsh-blanket-kelp welsh-coast-flora_rock-crab welsh-coast-flora_traditional welsh-coast-flora_charcoal welsh-coast-flora_deep-sea welsh-blanket-herring-gull welsh-coast-flora_coral welsh-stripe-flowers_1 basket-weave_2 welsh-coast-flora_urchin welsh-blanket-traditional welsh-blanket-charcoal welsh-coast-flora_kelp welsh-stripe_3
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